Sunday, April 30, 2006

Production on hold

Apologies to all, this prodution will be put on hold till furthur notice.

Thank you.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do You See What I See?

Saturday, January 28, 2006


to: Script Dept / Location Scout ss
from: Director Loki
subject: Re: Re: Re: Postponing the first day of shooting
date: 1/28/2006
cc: Head of Minor Props Dept. Dick, Storyboard Dept; Costume Dept; Equipment Dept; Transport Dept

Thank you (AT LAST...) for the revised script. I shall take a look at it by tomorrow morning. As you can see, it's almost 1am and i'm still at home, where i should have been at MOS enjoying myself, but no. i'm here WORRYING.

Since we are not filming on that day, we do not need to go to the court. Do note that we DO need to rehearse at somewhere that we can't be disturbed.


Where the hell are you?? You're suppose to meet me and discuss about the choreography of the action moves. I am not going through the motion agian like our last production. I WANT REAL MOVES! Pls get Pro-basketballer Rich to assist.


As for costume. What do you think this is? A one-man-show? If you're eagar to help , do consult with the Head of Costume.



to: Director Loki
from: Script Dept / Location Scout ss
subject: Re: Re: Postponing the first day of shooting
date: 1/28/2006
cc: Head of Minor Props Dept. Dick, Storyboard Dept; Costume Dept; Equipment Dept; Transport Dept

It was traumatic to kill off characters to the editing room floor, and reconstruct scenes, but IT IS FINALLY DONE! *cry@Tiara*

Please find the latest of the latest script at your nearest inbox, and vet through it, in case I leave some traces of the girl inside somewhere. And no, in case you're wondering, an all male cast does not mean I am gay.

Locations are set; Cast and crew are set except we are now pending the Coach to confirm if he can make it or not. But if we're not filming anything, then location doesn't matter on 31 Jan, unless we wanna do some trials? If we want go to the court, then we can meet at Kallang MRT at 1000hrs on 31 Jan 06, and Yes, we MIGHT have to WALK there (it's quite a distance you see). If locations other than the court is preferred, I have them in mind as well.

I can assume Costuming, as I have some insane ideas for the outfits. I can't draw using the mouse, so I'll show you a pen-and-pencil copy.

Script / Location / acting Costuming

P.S. hey director, can get me some pitt family autographs or not?

Friday, January 27, 2006


to: Head of Minor Props Dept. Dick
from: Director Loki
subject: Re: Postponing the first day of shooting
date: 1/27/2006
cc: Script Dept; Storyboard Dept; Location scout; Costume Dept; Equipment Dept; Transport Dept

Growing concern

Dear All In Volved,

In recent concern brought up by Dick and among the other production teams, I am writing this Memorandum to you and the other staff involved with the first production, that i have decided to make our meeting on the 31st Jan 2006 to be a discussion and rehearsal period.

Although it is a shame to waste such a perfect day where almost all the production teams can get together and shoot our principle photography, lets us not forget that we are here to learn and better ourselves to prove others that even with tight budget and limited timing, we can produce good entertainment in comparison with the big boys.

So let us not fret. With better organisation, proper planing and procedure with swift execution, we definatately will produce a film that we can proudly call our own.

It is known fact that i may have let this project run amok, so from now on, proper instructions shall be inforced.

Script Dept:
I have not seen your latest writing. WHERE IS IT?

Storyboard Dept:
Wake up your idea and start doing your work before i find a replacement. Pls do NOT test my patients. All i see is the impressive folder but with NOTHING in it. I better see the works this coming Tuesday.

Props Dept:
I would like to see the draft or at least ~something~ for me to look at regarding the manual book. Also i'm looking out for my low-pain basket ball prop. Do you want me to hit you with a REAL basketball instead?

Location Scout:
Have we finalised our locations? Can i see a report on this ASAP.

Costume Dept:
I need Pro-bully team singlet+shorts and a visual on the other team too. When can u advice me on the attires mentioned. Pls get Shaiful to liase with me.

Equipment Dept:
Pls prepare for me a trolley rig for the cameraman. And when in the world are you going to get the bloody batteries? Btw, did u get the mic from the Props Dept?
PS: Pls use your own money for the batt. Do keep the receipt to claim them at the Accounts Dept.

Transport Dept:
I know this is short notice but can we get a vehicle to transport the crew and equipments to the locations? Greatly appreciated. A van would be VERY much appreciated. I don't think a car will fit 9 crew PLUS equipments in...unless you're thinking of the boot and roof, then i would gladly show you this, -|-.

As mention before in Dick's Memo, I will be away to Cambodia, in preparation for my next film with the authorities at Angkor Wat from Friday (3rd Feb 06) to Tuesday(7th Feb 06) . Apparently Mrs Pitt isn't too happy with me scaring her kids around with my fake land mine props. So I will need the help of the Costume Dept to help my assistant to coordinate the next meet-up for principle shooting. I'm getting the Script Dept off the hook cos i want him to concentrate on the bloody script which was suppose to be ready ages ago. What you have to do is, get the availability of the actors during the shooting days so i could prepare and decide which scene is appropriate to shoot.

With that, i hope everyone is clear of thier responsibility and roles. Pls feel free to call me when u have any query. But that doesn't mean i'll pick it up.

Shall i set 10am 31st Jan 06 at the ~supposedly~ picked location of the basket ball court?
Will the Location Scout provide the exact location to meet up?

Thank you.



to: Director Loki
from: Dick Lim, Head of Minor props Dept
subject: Postponing the first day of shooting
date: 1/27/2006
cc: Scriptwriter Stefan and other actors involved with the shooting

A suggestion from Minor Props Dept

Dear Director Loki,

I am writing this Memorandum to you and the other staff involved with the first production as our department is unable to produce the minor prop in time for the proposed first day of shooting (31st Jan 2006).

To the best of our knowledge (otherwise known as the gossips in the office), the script department and the storyboards department have not produce the final script or storyboard. We also know that the Director will be leaving for Angkor Wat (to prepare for the latest crossover film Tomb Raider Vs Mortal Kombat) on the following Friday after the Tuesday shooting, the Tuesday footages will be left until the next following week for any follow up or shooting.

We would therefore like to recommend that instead of spending 31st Jan 2006 shooting without any the final revised script, completed storyboard or minor props, the day could be spent in sourcing shooting locations and rehearsal for the action scenes.

Please Advise.

Dick Lim
Head of Minor Props Dept.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Possible Equipment?

Might be able to use this for recording audio purposes ?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

LSRS2 - Production Log #6: Rewrite!

The decision has been made to drop certain scenes, and along with it, one minor, but pivotal character. The entire premise shouldn't change much, and in fact, gives us ample time for the major sequences, and probably buy us time to meet our 15 minute mark.

Anyway, it's gonna be a challenge to try and retain the essence of the story. Few ideas brewing, but it's always tough to decide on one. Oh, character names will be changed too, for purely aesthetical reasons :-D

First day of principal photography is tentatively 31 Jan 06. Need to go down to Mustafa before that to buy essential supplies!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

LSRS2 - Production Log #5: About What Ah?

"The basic theme is about friendship...

We know... despite... ability... strengthen... but... small...

Contrast... But... lacks... footsoldiers.

... gained... not let... down."

Haha, I feel like JK Rowling...

LSRS2 - Production Log #4: Locations

Did some scouting for a choice location, probably narrowed down to one, for the facilities it offered

1. Near makan (air con food court, fast food, coffeeshop, and hawker center)
2. Near a place to buy drinks / snacks (7-11 nearby)
3. Near toilet facilities (once rated the cleanest in Singapore)
4. Near MRT
5. Relatively quiet

But we're invited for a weeekend gathering next week, which might provide us as an alternative place for location shoots.

Gotta get it right, otherwise continuity will haunt us again :-)