Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May Day Test Shot # 1

After going thru the few storyboards I done for the tentatively titled ninja flick call "They Fight", collaborators Loki & Stefan were all ready to go go go

So somewhat forced by them, we are going to do a test shot for some of the action scenes and see if it's workable or not.

Test Shot Day : 1st May 2008
Test Shot Venue : Orchard Court's backyard
Test Shot Time : 10am

the list of items to get for this upcoming test shots are

- Boom Sticks > Richard
- Masking Tapes
- Strings - Black & White > Richard
- Strings - Fishing Lines > Stefan
- Cardboards for making of the Star Darts > Richard
- Aluminum Foil > Richard
- Toy Swords - > Loki
- Sparkers > Richard
- Ninja Headgear > sponsored by our kind movie distributors
- Sissiors, Pen Knife & Markers > Richard
- Water > Richard
- Apple Notebook > Loki
- Video Camera / Battery / Tapes > Richard
- Tripod > Loki

To Call Sheet
- Stefan
- Loki
- Shaiful > Got Play Practice
- Linus > Overseas
- John > House Visiting
- Yip JK > Moving House

Please kindly update the items you think might be necessary for the Test shoot and items that you will be bringing at the commment box


* UPDATED ON 30th APR 08

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Message from your Master

"Dear Fellow Disciples,

I will be heading for my retreat now ... and will practice on my kungfu. I will come back with the complete manuscript with diagrams so you all will know what type of formations and tools I want for the final act ...

In the meantime, I want you all to practice your killer look (like the picture above)... Practice hard ... whoever cannot give me a decent facial expression when I am back, will die of a horrible death !