Saturday, January 28, 2006


to: Director Loki
from: Script Dept / Location Scout ss
subject: Re: Re: Postponing the first day of shooting
date: 1/28/2006
cc: Head of Minor Props Dept. Dick, Storyboard Dept; Costume Dept; Equipment Dept; Transport Dept

It was traumatic to kill off characters to the editing room floor, and reconstruct scenes, but IT IS FINALLY DONE! *cry@Tiara*

Please find the latest of the latest script at your nearest inbox, and vet through it, in case I leave some traces of the girl inside somewhere. And no, in case you're wondering, an all male cast does not mean I am gay.

Locations are set; Cast and crew are set except we are now pending the Coach to confirm if he can make it or not. But if we're not filming anything, then location doesn't matter on 31 Jan, unless we wanna do some trials? If we want go to the court, then we can meet at Kallang MRT at 1000hrs on 31 Jan 06, and Yes, we MIGHT have to WALK there (it's quite a distance you see). If locations other than the court is preferred, I have them in mind as well.

I can assume Costuming, as I have some insane ideas for the outfits. I can't draw using the mouse, so I'll show you a pen-and-pencil copy.

Script / Location / acting Costuming

P.S. hey director, can get me some pitt family autographs or not?

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