Friday, January 27, 2006


to: Director Loki
from: Dick Lim, Head of Minor props Dept
subject: Postponing the first day of shooting
date: 1/27/2006
cc: Scriptwriter Stefan and other actors involved with the shooting

A suggestion from Minor Props Dept

Dear Director Loki,

I am writing this Memorandum to you and the other staff involved with the first production as our department is unable to produce the minor prop in time for the proposed first day of shooting (31st Jan 2006).

To the best of our knowledge (otherwise known as the gossips in the office), the script department and the storyboards department have not produce the final script or storyboard. We also know that the Director will be leaving for Angkor Wat (to prepare for the latest crossover film Tomb Raider Vs Mortal Kombat) on the following Friday after the Tuesday shooting, the Tuesday footages will be left until the next following week for any follow up or shooting.

We would therefore like to recommend that instead of spending 31st Jan 2006 shooting without any the final revised script, completed storyboard or minor props, the day could be spent in sourcing shooting locations and rehearsal for the action scenes.

Please Advise.

Dick Lim
Head of Minor Props Dept.

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